A Discussion about Calories Burned on Elliptical calculator

If you are using an elliptical trainer to lose weight and keep fit then you must know the amount of calories burned on elliptical calculator. An elliptical trainer is machine that is used to burn calories by providing aerobic conditioning. The user has to stand upright and feet have to be moved in an elliptical manner just like one pedals a bicycle while remain standing. The calories burnt depends on the heart rate of the user. Though many people prefer using treadmill to do exercise, elliptical machines are found more effective for improving cardiovascular health with minimal impact.

Factors responsible for Calories Burned on Elliptical calculator

  • Heart rate is the most important factor for calculating the calories burnt. The calorie burn rate is very closely related to the heart rate of the individual who is using the elliptical trainer for doing the cardiovascular exercises
  • The calorie expenditure will be accurate only when the heart rate of the individual is between 90-150 beats per minute
  • It is very important that heart rate is kept within this range when one plans to calculate the calories burnt
  • Apart from the average heart rate, the duration of the training session is also important.
  • One has to continue with the training session until the heart rate comes to 90 beats per minute and then the heart rate recorder has to be put on. The training has to be continued and the heart rate recorder has to be turned off when the session is complete.
  • The additional factors that effect the calories burned on elliptical calculator are age and weight
  • The formula for calculating the calorie expenditure is different for different gender

Calorie formula in men & women – Calories Burned on Elliptical calculator

For men- calories=[(0.6309 x heart rate)-(0.09036 x weight) + (0.2017 x age)-55.0969] x time /4.184

For Women- calories= [(0.4472 x heart rate) - (0.05741 x weight) + (0.074 x age) - 20.4022] x time / 4.184

Use a Calorie Cost Activity Chart for Calories Burned on Elliptical calculator

For calculating the calories burned when exercises are done on cardiovascular elliptical trainer, Caloric Cost activity chart is required.

When the user is doing light exercise on an elliptical trainer then it burns 0.06 calories/minute/lbs of the body weight of that person. Here, you need to give a special emphasis on the word ‘light’. You are doing nothing serious serious and heavy. You can say that this is a period, when you are doing the exercise but sweat is not coming out from your body.
An individual doing the moderate exercise will burn 0.075 calories/minute/lbs of the bod weight.
The person putting in vigorous effect will help in burning 0.091 calories/minute/lbs of body weight
First the intensity level of the workout has to be determined so that caloric cost used for calculation is perfect
Then multiply the caloric cost and weight of the body pounds. E.g a person doing vigorous effort and having a body weight of 215 pounds will have the calculation- 0.091 x 215.
Then multiply the result with the session time. If the session is for 40 minutes, then calories burned is 0.091x215x40

If one follows the steps given above, then it is very easy to calculate calories burned on elliptical calculator.